Monday, June 8, 2009

The Thames Path

Saturday 6 June 2009 Today we decided to walk along the Thames Path between Rotherhithe and Bermondsey. We walked along the Albion Channel and saw some more of the bird life that inhabits my home area.

This duckling was the only one who would stay around long enough for a picture.

But this family of moorhens were more sedate
This area is built on the old Rotherhithe Docks which has now been filled in. This statue commemorates that the pilgrim fathers set sail from here for the New World.

The Thames Path does not always keep the river in sight due to the extensive development. This is all that remains of King Edward III’s Manor house which before the docks were built used to be on an island.

Along the river sitting serenely on a bench watching his daughter play is Dr Alfred Salter. He and his wife did a lot for the area which was very deprived. Their daughter died when she was 8 after catching scarlet fever for the third time because the Salter’s chose to educate her locally rather then send her to boarding school. This did not diminish their commitment to the area.

"Dr Salter’s only child, Joyce, caught scarlet fever for the third time and died aged 8 in June 1910. This personal tragedy which might have been averted had Joyce been educated elsewhere, increased their commitment to the area and its people." Dr Salter is watching his daughter relaxing with her cat. There used to be a mouse that the cat was stalking but it kept being stolen.

Further along the walk saw our first glimpse of Tower Bridge, walked past the Design Museum, under Tower Bridge and got to City Hall. It was closed to visitors, even the cafe, because of a private party. (I was dying for a cup of tea ).

After refreshments we walked on to Hay’s Galleria where we saw this sculpture. It’s called The Navigator and is a kinetic sculpture. Water spurts from parts of it and the oars and waterwheels on the sides move around giving the impression of movement.

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  1. My favourite part the Malcolm's walk was this sculpture....its amazing. Would love to see it in person one day. I love London and didn't realise just how much I miss it.