Sunday, July 26, 2009

Malcolm and Percy's Schedule

Hi this is Malcolm and P's schedule.

unblinkered, Glasgow send to berny in Italy
berny please send to misselle in Bath
misselle please send to IBamyB in Melbourne
IBamyB send on to Izzybellairna
Izzybellairna send on to bugsytheknitter in St Louis
bugsytheknitter send on to MopTopMary
MopTopMary please send on to back to stinkymum in New York.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Malcolm and Percy In Simply Knitting

Malcolm and Percy are famous. Valerie has written to Simply Knitting Magazine about their adventures and guess what Simply Knitting have published her letter.

Here it is for anyone who does not have access to the magazine.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sean and Patrick on Vacation

Sean and Patrick were really jealous when they saw the pictures of the boys at the Army Base. They nagged, begged and pleaded for Valerie to take them on a trip so in the end she gave in and took them to Sandy Island in New Hampshire.

Waiting to board the car ferry at Orient Point, Long Island, at the start of their New Hampshire vacation.

We finally arrived on the island and the boys were two happy campers.

Hanging out with the loons in a "Blacks" a Wolfeboro souvenir store. The loons were quite impressed!

Waiting for a train at Wolfeboro Station. (sorry boys there are no trains any more!) No tracks - it's now the Chamber of Commerce!

With a statue of boy and ice cream in Cate Park, Wolfeboro New Hampshire. Valerie promised them a real ice cream for later.

The pair was very sad that there was no boating tht day, because it was very windy and a thunderstorm was expected.

As they couldn't go out on the lake they decided to chill out in the hammock

Finally able to go boating in my kayak, but stayed protected in my waterproof Union Jack tote bag!

They were so impressed with the new knitting bag that I made at the camp craft shop, that they decided it would be a cosy and warm place for them to hang out. I may never get it back now!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Night, Night boys tomorrow your off to Glasgow

Sadly the last night in Cornwall has arrived Susan, James and Saffi put the boys to bed.

Here they are relaxing with their new red blanket

Our little pug, Louis was so jealous of all the attention being lavished on the boys. He jumped up too.

They made lots of new knitted and other friends and will miss each one.

'Night, Night Boys its been lovely having you both to stay...have fun in Glasgow'; says Susan, before kissing them Goodnight.

Last Day in Cornwell

Unfortunately all good things come to an end and boys soon found that their last day had arrived in Cornwall. They had a great time, thanks to Saffi, James and Susan who outdid themselves and gave them the best time ever. Here are just a few of the things they saw and did.
On the way out,they stopped to look at a huge anchor

Here they are on the door step of the house where Bob Fitzsimons was born in Helston.

The sign on Bob Fitzsimons house in Helston.

Here they stop to see Redruth's statue of a miner...he faces down the hill,with out stretched arms.

They sit on the little bronze welly boot dogs in Redruth.

We show Malcolm & Percy the statue of Richard Trevithick in Camborne.

The plaque on Richard Trevithick's statue.

James showing the pair Crofty Mine,the last working tin mine in Cornwall.

This Engine house in Pool has been restored to show how they looked & worked in their former glory.

The boys admiring the beautiful Truro Cathedral

They stand by the Cathedral doors for a photo.

Truro Cathedral.

Malcolm & Percy posing by the Truro city sign

James shows them the sign post for the most southerly point in England.
Saffi & the boys by the sign for The Lizard.

Here's Malcolm & Percy at Lizard Point.

We stopped at Marazion beach on the way home,to see St. Michaels Mount.

Percy wanted to collect shells for Valerie
Malcolm was off rock climbing...gotta keep your eye on him.

What a lovely pair

Last photo on the beach

One last photo in the boat boys...then home to relax. We had a lovely day