Sunday, May 31, 2009


Malcolm has been researching his family tree and guess what he has an Irish relative. Here he is Stamps. Stamps has followed the family profession by becoming a postman.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Jean Greenhowe

Hi folks

Jean Greenhowe is the lady that designed the pattern that was used to make Malcolm. Valerie got in touch with her to let her know about Malcolms travels and here's what she had to say about it.

"Dear Valerie
Many thanks for your delightful email! We have had a happy time looking through all the photographs of Malcolm’s adventures on his world tour. We shall certainly keep up with Malcolm’s further travels around the globe. What a marvellous and very cute idea to picture him in famous places. We especially enjoyed his meeting Greyfriar’s Bobby. When we are in Edinburgh we always make a stop to ‘visit’ Bobby! Also, cuddlying up to Molly Malone who we doubt was as bonny as the statue!! We think Percy has a cultered look about him and already the air of a well-travelled gentleman.
Thank you for taking the time to write and we look forward to more of Malcolm’s and Percy’s continuing tours - can’t wait to see what he gets up to in London?!
Very best wishes

Great words from a truly great Lady in all respects.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last night in Scotland

Sadly Malcolm and Percy's time in Scotland has some to an end.

Malcolm samples some of Scotland’s finest on his last night in Scotland!

Malcolm and Percy can’t wait to get home and tell Sean and Patrick all about their travels.

Green Post Boxes

Malcolm may not like Dublin's Green Post Boxes but Sean does. He now has a new friend to discuss Malcolm's travel with. Here he is:-

His name is Patrick it looks like he's having a good time here.

Malcolm and Patrick discuss Malcolm and Percy's adventues.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Malcolm's Scottish Visit Update

Malcolm with a wee postbox

That's more like it he says, didn't take to those Green Postboxes in Irealnd. This is definitly my type of Postbox. What do you think Sean?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Scary Tales at the Brig O'Doon

Malcolm in front of the Brig O’Doon The Brig O’Doon is the setting for the climax of Robert Burns’ Tam o’Shanter.

Tam is saved from the group of witches by his horse, Meg. Meg leaps to safety on the bridge, as the witches cannot cross running water.

Malcolm was very glad that he didn't see any witches that day but stood very close to the water just in case

At the Auld Kirk - Alloway

Malcolm at the Auld Kirk, Alloway The Auld Kirk is the setting for Robert Burns’ well-known tale, Tam o’Shanter, in which a hapless Tam encounters a Satanic ritual in the ruins of the Auld Kirk

The Auld Kirk is also where Robert Burns chose to bury his father, William Burns.

A Reminder of Cora's Honeymoon

Malcolm went to visit Robert Burns birthplace - well it is his 250th anniversary

Here he is at Burns Cottage in Alloway.

Sean is Follwing Malcolm

Sean is carefully following Malcolm's travels on Valerie's tea towel map.

He’s very pleased that there is “no icing in south east Iceland!” at the moment……

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Malcolm and Percy See the Sights

Malcolm and Percy are having a great time in Scotland here are just a few of the local sights

Malcolm in front of Edinburgh Castle


Malcolm at Greyfriar’s Bobby’s statue


Amanda, Malcolm and Percy at Greyfriars Bobby’s statue


Malcolm and Percy visit Greyfriars Bobby’s Grave



Malcolm and Percy were glad this wee shop was closed


Looking at the new tram lines being put into the city centre


They’re not sure about these right hand drive cars in the UK


Malcolm's Twin Brother Sean

Did you know that Malcolm has a twin brother called Sean. Here he is and he can't wait to see Malcolm again and hear all about his travels.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Chatting to the Local Ladies

Malcolm decided go to seek some advise about travelling and was given a great welcome at Blane Travel.


Where to next Malcolm??????

Malcolm is still in bonnie Scotland. Stay tuned for further posts and photoes.

Getting down to business

Malcolm decided to help Shuttermonkey put all the new photoes onto her system


At the Office of the Kilmarnock Standard

Arriving at the Kilmarnock Standard office (my work)


Day 2

Malcolm gets ready for his first day at work in Scotland (He’s decided to leave the heavy lifting to Shuttermonkey)!!!!!!


Meeting the Locals.

Percy and Malcolm meet one of the locals


However, the cat wasn't too sure about them at all.

But these guys took to him OK and he loved each and every one.


After all that socializing he thought that he'd relax by playing a little Xbox


Hope he won.

Tune in later for Day 2 of Malcolm's Scotish Visit.

Malcolm arrives in Scotland

Malcolm has arrived in bonnie Scotland. He had a great journey and is ready to go.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Macolm sees Dublin's Best Sights

Malcolm went on a sight seeing tour, here are just a few of the things he saw:-

Molly Malone, (after Grainne) his favourite lady.


He got closer!!


His musical hero Phil Lynett of Tin Lizzy fame. You are so right, Dara, Malcolm must be very shortsighted this is in fact James Joyce not Phil Lynett.


He checked out an Irish bike just to make sure that it was suitable to deliver the post.



He tried on some trainers, his feet were sore.


Checks out the Flower Sellers.


Goes souvioner shopping at O'Carolls


Pays a vist to the LYS 'This is Knit'. Where there was plenty of cuddles.


and finally, they couldn't quite beleive it Green Post Boxes! "It doesn't seem right"; says Percy.


They just had to climb on top for a closer view


Malcolm realy liked the local Newspaper, 'The Evening Herald'


Day 3 Lunch Date

In fact the boys loved him so much the took him for lunch!!!!

He was pleased to see that Burgerking is the same everywhere.


He had a burger and coke


He was very thirsty!!!


In fact they took to him so much I thought that I'd never get him back. Here's the proof Colin shows Malcolm Dublin's best shopping street, Grafton Street. He has a great vantage point.


He could be heard shouting 'I'm the King of World' all over Dublin.

Day 2

Malcolm came to work with me, here he is helping me with the post. Percy also gave a hand.



Percy gives a hand.



I have to say that he was a big hit, especially with the boys!