Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last few days in Tassie

With Alison and Sarah, my nieces on top of Mount Wellington. There was a great view of Hobart from there.
The full view of Hobart from Mount Wellington.

A not so good picture of myself with Sean on top of Mount Wellington. I was taken by surprise.

With Aidan at Salamanca Market. We stopped shopping for another diet coke break.

A lovely range of flowers for sale at the Market. You could buy anything from a pin to a flower at this market. Really enjoyed the day. So did Sean and Patrick.

A day on the town in Hobart

Shopping in Elizabeth Mall, Hobart. This is a statue of Thompson. He and Sean made good friends as the waited outside the shops while I went in for a browse.

One of Hobarts founding members. The seagull is perched rather irrelevantly on his head. LOL.

The plaque which explains exactly who he was.

We took a ferry up the Derwent River and Sean had a great time looking out the window. This was Hobart Harbour.

A well deserved coke break and some lunch, after a long but lovely day.

More from Tasmania

It was a real eye opener traveling with a stuffed toy. Most people just laughed when they saw me, and some really bought into the idea. A few just thought I was nuts like the girl in this photo taken when I went on a ferry up the Derwent River.

Sean shows us how he tranvelled in my back pack. He had the best view from there.

A pictures of the jet boat that we took to Bruney Island where we saw, dolphines, seals and lots of bird wildlife. We also had some wine and cheese testing. It was a lovely day.

Sean admires the jet boat. I kept him in the backpack justy in case he got wet.

I lovely tall ship that visited Hobart harbour.

Ramdon pictures of the visit to Tasmania

Sean helps me find my way around Hobart over a lovely cup of coffee. He's a really good map reader.

Sean with my nice Ella, on the right, and her friend also taken over a lovely cup of coffee.

Sean and Patrick with Aiden my nephew and TJ the dog, and friends, They loved Sean and Patrick and gave them a great welcome.

Sean and Patrick with presents in my sisters home.

Sean and Patrick with Aidan taken in my sisters home.

Derwent River

Hi this is Sean in this picture we have just boarded a ferry to go up the Derwent river and Sean is giving me the low down.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sean and Patrick in Tassie

Sean and Patrick had a great time with myself and my sister in Tassie. I still have to organise all the photoes I took but keep watching this space should be news in the next few days.

Malcolm and Percy are now on the way to Finland. Looking forward to seeing their pictures soon.