Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Malcolm & Percy meet the Simply Knitting team!

Here are Malcolm & Percy with three of the Simply Knitting team!

On the left is Elizabeth, in the middle Deb, and on the right is Mim! They were very excited to meet Malcolm & Percy!

Malcolm takes in a walk along the Bath canal

Here is Malcolm with the Weir in Bath.

And with Pulteney Bridge!

On the oldest post box in the UK (according to the bus tours!).

Great Pulteney Street! YAY!

In case Malcolm fell into the canal :P

Look! A narrow boat going through the lock!

Bath Locks.

A view of Bath Abbey from the canal.

Another lock, but no narrow boat this time.

Narrow boats!

Another lock!

Malcolm visits Lacock

Malcolm took a visit to Lacock, where such wonderful things as the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice and Harry Potter have been filmed.

At a pretty stream in the grounds of Lacock Abbey.

A rather large cauldron in Lacock Abbey Clositers.

Harry Potter 1 and 2 were filmed here in Lacock Abbey's Clositers!

Lacock Abbey Clositers.

Lacock Abbey.

Map of Lacock.

The general stores for Lacock.

Post Office!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More from London

Sean and Patrick enjoying the many sights of London

Sean and Patrick's trip to the London and Woodbridge.

The view from Valerie's son apartment in the heart of London. You can see a red bus and tower bridge in the background

At the British National Museum.

The horse's head belongs to one of the Elgin Marbles.

Here they are in Trafalgar Square

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Arrivals in Bath

Malcolm & Percy have arrived in Bath!

They quite like my flat, with the cool view, and we’re going to go for a walk tomorrow before I go to work :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Malclm In Italy

Berny has received Malcolm and Percy and has posted details about their lovely trip to Italy on her own blog. Just follow the link below. There is a translator there just hit the UK flag and read all about their travels in Italy.



Monday, August 17, 2009

Look at what Valerie made

finger puppets2 018
Originally uploaded by tiedyequeen2000
I just had to include these in the blog. Valerie made this lovely finger puppets. I think they are fab.


Waiting for the Mail Boat

The boys wait for US Mail Boat Sophie C to deliver the mail for Sandy Island in the middle of Lake Winnipesaukkee

Patrick Meets the Captain

Patrick has his photo taken with the Captain

Sandy Island 2009 part II

Sean takes his turn

Sophie C

Aboard the US Mail Boat Sophie C on Lake Winnipesaukkee, New Hampshsire. The Sophie C is one of the few mail boats now operating in the United Staes

Sandy Island week six 2009 017

Sean and Patrick meet 'Mop Top Mary' on their second visit to Sandy Island. Mary is looking forward to hosting Malcolm and Percy later this year.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Malcolm and Percy do Scotland (and a bit of London)

Sorry for the delay in posting this - seems the project is a bit jinxed when it comes to technology. Aaaaaanyway! Without further ado, here's a wee rundown of Malcolm and Percy's (second) trip to Scotland.

Malcolm and Percy arrived just in time for us to hit the road to our little holiday cottage on the Crinan Canal in Argyle. Unfortunately, there'd been an accident on the main road there so we ended up having to take a more elaborate route via the Gourock-Dunoon ferry - along with everyone else that needed to circumnavigate the blocked road! So we had to watch two ferries go off without us while we were queueing.

Watching the ferry leave without us...

But at least we had company in the car! I had Merlin the dog at my feet, Malcolm on my lap and a very put out cat not able to sit in her usual spot (on me!). Plus, we had two bikes in the boot!

Getting a bit tight for space!

But everything was fine once we got to the other end. The next day, we went to the Tarbert Seafood Festival, where we saw some sea creatures:

Investigating the local seafood

And an amazing bike display:

Watching the bike demo

And Malcolm met the bike team, including YouTube celebrity DannyMacAskill:

Meeting some celebrities

(Who were a really lovely bunch and didn't run away from the weird lady waving a hedgehog at them. Bless!)

Malcolm was getting a bit tired by then, so he caught a ride in my backpack:
Catching a ride

The next day, we headed off to look at wooden boats at the Crinan Classic:

At the Crinan Classic

And watched the world go by:

Watching the boats come in after a race

Followed by a bit more chilling at the cottage, watching the boats go by on the canal:

Chilling on the porch

Of course, I had to show Malcolm the canal itself and teach him how the locks work.

Investigating the locks

We had a double-whammy of culture back on Glasgow! Percy came along to a classical concert at the Royal Concert Hall:

Waiting for the concert to begin

And Malcolm braved the Scottish weather to risk some outdoor theatre:

Malcolm at the theatre

Both of them had a fab time at my knitting group, too!

With my knitting group!

And then we went off to London for a weekend. Malcolm had a wee glass of wine and watched the planes:

Malcolm at the airport

And made some friends once we got to London:

Making friends

I think he quite enjoyed the main event, even though he didn't get to go on the plinth himself! But you can see him get a wave from Michael here. And there was much photographing!

Having his picture taken

(In case anyone's worried: we didn't lose the wee postcard, but removed it for safe keeping while we were in the Big Smoke!)

Most importantly, we did the proper touristy things....such as Westminster:

Westminster + Malcolm

And, errrr.....iKnit:


And after that exhausting trip, Malcolm and Percy caught the post to Italy, where I hope they're having a drier time than we had over here! I've just realised I seem to be missing some photos, too. I'll have a dig around for them and pop them up once I've tracked them down! It was a pleasure hosting the two of them and there are more photos on my Flickr page that you can look at by clicking through any of the photos above. I hope!