Monday, June 15, 2009

Saturday 13th June 2009 Knitting in Public Day

Today is World Wide Knit in Public Day. The start of the day finds us at The Scoop, City Hall. We have joined knitting group Stitch 'n' Bitch London who have organised this years knit crawl in aid of a prostate cancer charity. We meet at midday and Malcolm and Percy quite happily don the moustaches that I knitted for them.

Tower Bridge stands beside City Hall (or to be historically correct City Hall stands beside Tower Bridge).

We started to day at the new home of the Mayor of London in the shadow of Tower Bridge and here we are now in the shadow of County Hall. This used to be the administrative body of London before it was decided we needed a Mayor.

A comedy and music festival are taking place at Jubilee Gardens his months and is being advertised by this upside down purple cow.

Malcolm decided to top up his suntan. When I put these cakes beside him he couldn't decide which colour he wanted so my daughter and I swooped on them first.

We walked between venues. Between City Hall and The Tate Modern is the reconstruction of Shakespeare's Globe.

Among the less important things going on today was the celebration of the Queen's Official Birthday. The canons opposite City Hall (from The Tower of London) ring out a 21 gun salute. I also tried to take some pictures of some of aeroplanes from the official fly-pass but they looked more like UFOs.
The tower of the Tate Modern. Before the gallery was built here this was one of London's power stations.

The design on this tower is OXO. How much it is to do with gravy making I'm not sure but it is supposed to have a fine restaurant in it (or so I've heard).

Almost at our next knitting venue but first we have to walk past the National Theatre.
Almost at our next knitting venue but first we have to walk past the National Theatre.
Malcolm standing at the feet of Laurence Olivier outside the National Theatre.

Knitting in the Tate Modern

It's amazing how many people comment on a group of people knitting in public. But at least most of them knew that we were knitting. Although it may have been the moustaches that were drawing peoples attention.

London Eye, Jubilee Gardens

Our third knitting venue, reached at last. The sun (which shone all day) is making everything so dark and look overcast. With all the street performers (mimes, acrobats, living sculptures etc.) knitters with moustaches didn't look so out of place here.

Our final destination, Trafalgar Square.

Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square

The Smallest lockup in London

How true this is I don't really know but at the corner of Trafalgar Square is this very small round building which my dad told us (his children) was the smallest lock up in London. It could be used by police officers to hold someone securely until reinforcements were called. If you look through the windows, now, there are some long pieces of wood in there and I vaguely remember there being a telephone in it when I was younger.

Fountains, Trafalgar Square

The sun was so bright even at 5pm that I couldn't actually see what I was photographing

Adipose with moustache

Another yarny friend along for the day and as you can see he also brought along his own moustache

Malcolm and Percy ended the day relaxing in the pub. Everyone loved Malcolm and Percy and some are even following their adventures.


  1. Heath

    I love the fact that you made little moustaches for the boys.

    You photoes and commentary are just great. Well done you really gave Malcolm and Percy a great day out.

  2. It was fabulous to meet Malcolm and Percy. They wore their tashes with pride. :)