Monday, June 29, 2009

At the Model Village

Malcolm and Percy get to see this amazing Model Village.....I've been there its great fun and just about the right size for little travellers.

This was their fave model. (Tintagel Post Office)

Malcom & Percy check out models of Cornish buildings.

2nd model

3rd model.

4th model.

5th model.

9th model.

Just to make Sean and Patrick very Jealous they also went to see this army base and had a great time playing with the tanks etc. I bet Sean and Patrick are green boys.

They really love Bracken and her family for taking them there.

Malcom asked if we could stop to show them the huge satellite dish at Goonhilly Earth Station. 'Might be useful for phoning home'; he thinks.

Malcom posing by another satellite dish at Goonhilly Earth Station

Here they pose by one of the signs showing the different aircrafts based there,with Saffron.

They couldn't believe how big the gun was on this tank.

They had to stop whilst in Helston to look at the old disused tanks.

Looking at another tank.

They loved this helicopter......'jealous now, Sean' Malcolm shouts.

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