Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday 7th June 2009

Sunday 7th

Today we took Malcolm and Percy to the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood. It is part of the Victoria and Albert Museum and is dedicated to children and childhood Do you remember:

When boys wore dresses?
Before we routinely steralised babies bottles?
When boys dressed up like bus conductors and girls as nurses?
When lead soldiers were not just for adult collectors?

At The Museum of Childhood you can relive your childhood, your parents childhood, your grandparents childhood and if your children are anything like mine they’ll go to the oldest section of the museum and assume you played with or wore everything on display.

We found a few places to play with mirrors and lights so at last Malcolm and Percy could find out what they looked like all round. They were very impressed.

My children really enjoyed this museum when they were younger. They liked the look of the Victorian toys, 20th century toys and the modern toys. I loved showing them the toys that I grew up with and there were lots of toys which they grew up with.

This area had different textures,

shapes and colours. Malcolm and Percy weren't quite tall enough to play here properly.

Children's books are placed in various positions but seem to be enjoyed by the adult visitors.

There is an exhibition about Roald Dahl and his books at the moment, with original illustrations and a bit about Dahl himself.

Dessing up Clothes

Brownie Uniform about 1960's=1970's

At the feet of Robbie The Robot

As you can see this model is very tall compared with Malcolm and Percy and even with the children standing behind him.

Robbie the Robot was in TV programmes and films in the 1960's.
Money Box Postboxes

There was a bus conductor's dressing up uniform. Malcolm was a little disappointed that we couldn't find a postman's uniform but we did find these Post box shaped money boxes.

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