Tuesday, June 9, 2009

London Monument and Tate Gallery

After leaving the Hay's Galleria we crossed London Bridge to the Monument. The monument commemorates the Great Fire of London in 1666.

One of three plaques on the base of the Monument. It explains that it was designed by Sir Christopher Wren.
We decided to walk up all 311 steps to the top. Malcolm and Percy bounded ahead and waited for us to catch up with him half way up.

Malcolm and Percy bounded way from us again and we eventually caught up with them at the top.

It was much easier coming down then going up, for us anyway. Malcolm and Percy waited patiently for us three quarters of the way down and then decided to walk down slowly with us.

After we left The Monument we decided to continue to walk on that (north bank) side of the river down to St Paul's. As we walked we came across a lovely public garden. When Malcolm said that Percy felt like a rest we sat for a while enjoying the quiet.

Next, we walked to St Paul's where...

...we crossed the Millenium Bridge to the Tate Modern.

One of the temporary exhibitions at the Tate.
Climb, balance, crawl and roll on the interactive installation Bodymotionspacesthings by artist Robert Morris, as this series of huge props including beams, weights, platforms, rollers, tunnels and ramps built from materials such as plywood, stone, steel plate, and rope transforms the Turbine Hall.

In this and the previous picture Malcolm can be seen edging his way along a ledge that gets thinner towards the end. Not caught in the picture is a pair of little arms that were wating for him to fall off and take him home.

We had to get the bus home as the tube has work done of it most weekends. Malcolm and Percy wanted to sit at the back...

...but also wanted to see where they had been.

This family were waiting for Malcolm and Percy to arrive back in Rotherhithe and arranged themselves for Malcolm to take this photo. (Much more co-operative than the duck family earlier).


  1. All of this is making me really need to go back to visit England again. It's been probably 15 years! I wonder if *I* could fit in a box and get mailed around the world ;)

  2. Hi

    I feel that way too.....I'm on the look out for a huge box.