Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 2 - Voting and Knitting

Malcolm and Percy went with Heath when she went to vote. Here they are outside the Polling Station.

They really wanted to watch her vote as they hadn't seen anything like that before but the people at the polling station said no. Instead they waited outside.

Then they went back to work with Heath and met a local UK celebratory the one and only Pudsey Bear.

They were overwhelmed as they had heard about all the money this little bear raises for Children in Need each year.

After work they travelled to Heaths knitting meeting in Piccadilly (in Central London). They got to travel on the world famous Tube. At first they were a little afraid of how quickly it travelled but after a while they had fun looking out the window as the stations flashed by.

They arrived at the knitting group in no time at all

Malcolm wondered where all the yarn had gone to and Heath explained that this was a different meeting which meets in Central London. He asked if he could roll around in the yarn in front of him but she persuaded him just to watch Kate do something more constructive with it.

Malcolm and Percy decided to relax and drink a cup of tea. The coffee shop waitress was enchanted by them and Heath promised to get her the pattern for Percy.

Malcolm was so impressed by the knitting he saw yesterday and tonight that he decided to have a go. Heath only had the blanket that She is knitting which was a little heavy for him.

After we got home from the meeting we had to put the recycling out for collection in the morning. Malcolm inspected it first to make sure that only the right things had been put in.

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