Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sean and Patrick go on a trip

Sean and Patrick are so jealous of Malcolm and Stamps travelling all over the world (although someone has to stay at home and look after those who wait) that I had to take them both on a trip to Upstate New York this weekend and photograph them by the Hudson River and West Point. they tried to sign up to join the cadets at West Point, but were rejected because of their height! Ah Well, at least they got to come home with me. Here are a couple of pictures.

The boys loved this window in the town

Outside the West Point Museum. West Point is celebrating its Bi-centenary.

The boys were fascinated by the tank and wanted to join the Cadet Corps but alas they were both too short. Then they wanted to climb up on the tank but as the sign says they weren't allowed.

Please see
for more details of their trip. Bet they are not jealous now.

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